woman holding clear mouthguard on mouth

Dental mouth guards are critical tools for protecting our teeth and jaws. A well-fitted mouth guard is a must for those who play sports, grind their teeth at night, or need protection after a dental procedure. Depending on the individual’s needs, dentists commonly recommend various types of mouthguards.

This takes the phrase “protect your smile” to a whole new level, I tell you. Here are the types of dental mouth guards that people whose profession is restorative dentistry in Boise, ID, would recommend and their specific purposes:

1. Stock Mouthguards

Stock mouthguards are the most common and least expensive option. These guards are pre-formed and ready to wear, with no customization required. They are widely available in most sporting goods stores and pharmacies. These protective gears are used for leisure activities where the danger of dental injury is low.

Because they cannot be customized to accommodate specific mouth sizes, they may not provide the most secure or comfortable fit. As a result, dentists do not usually prescribe them for serious athletes or people with severe dental problems.

2. Boil-and-Bite Mouth Guards

In terms of fit and protection, boil-and-bite mouth guards outperform standard mouth guards. They are made of thermoplastic material and can be softened in water before being formed to the shape of your teeth with finger pressure or biting down. This procedure provides a more tailored fit. Dentists recommend them for folks on a tight budget since they offer adequate protection without breaking the bank.

3. Custom-Fitted Mouth Guards

When it comes to protecting your teeth, a custom-fitted mouth guard is the gold standard. As the name implies, these guards are handcrafted to fit the specific curves of your mouth. Dentists use a mold of your teeth to create a perfect pattern. This prototype is then brought to a dental lab to create the mouth guard.

These custom-made dental protectors have the best fit. They can be worn for extended periods of time without discomfort, and you’re assured of ideal protection. It’s good for high-impact sports. On top of that, they can be modified to accommodate braces. Teeth restoration services in Boise, ID, are highly recommended.

4. Night Guards

Night guards are a form of dental mouth guard used for the involuntary clenching or grinding of teeth when sleeping. Stress or misaligned dental structures are frequently to blame. Night guards act as a buffer between the upper and lower teeth, reducing potential damage to your pearly whites.

5. Sports Mouth Guards with Dental Protection

A sports mouth guard with dental protection is highly advised for athletes participating in contact sports such as football, hockey, rugby, basketball, and martial arts. When they’re hit in the face, these special mouth guards are designed to redirect the impact pressure away from the player’s teeth and jaws.

Smile Protection Guaranteed

Prevention is preferable to cure. Investing in a quality dental mouth guard can save you from costly dental procedures. Ask those in the field of restorative dentistry in Boise, ID, and these are the things they’ll share with you. It’s best to remember them.

The Stock Mouth Guard and the Boil-and-Bite Mouth Guards provide protection, but they aren’t as good as the Custom-Made variety, which has a more superior fit. Night Guards are the go-to protection for teeth grinders. Book your appointment with us at Boise Dentistry Co. Call us at 208-906-1255 or 208-939-7053 or email us at info@boisedentistryco.com or office@boisedentistryco.com.