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Financing Options

By offering various financing options, Dr. Minert and Dr. Taylor provide you and your family with a stress-free environment where you can solely focus on your dental health. Our supportive team is here to discuss the ideal solution for your unique budget.

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Insurance Solutions

As a patient-centered practice, we strive to make your dental insurance claim an easy process. Your Boise dentists and staff have years of experience helping our clients get the most out of their benefits, so feel free to voice your concerns or questions.

It is our pleasure to assist you with our services and find a solution that truly benefits you.

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Friendly And Compassionate

From the moment you enter our office, you’ll be warmly welcomed by our wonderful team and made to feel at home. As our esteemed guest, you’ll be given a tour of our office so you can get familiar with your new surroundings.


Comprehensive Exam

We genuinely care for you and seek to reach our goal by providing you with the best oral care services in Boise, ID. Our comprehensive exam includes intra-oral images and a 3D scan of your mouth to check the current state of your dental health.

Discussion and Planning With Your Doctor

After the comprehensive exam, your dentist will explain his findings and discuss the concerns and necessary plans, procedures, and treatments every dental patient in Boise, ID, needs. During this process, you are free to ask your dentist any questions, so don’t be shy! Our goal is to calm your worries about the procedure! Rest assured that your dentist will present you with a personalized care plan that will be very beneficial for you.

” I had a great experience with Dr. Taylor! He was super friendly and professional. I love the office space. I would highly recommend Boise Dentistry Co.! “

Rylie J. (Actual Patient)

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