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Our office is composed of contemporary and modern designs and ambiance to assure and comfort you throughout your scheduled appointment in our dental office in Boise, ID.

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Your family can enjoy high-quality and efficient dental care.

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Our office is welcoming, bright, and designed to help you relax.

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Whole-Health Dentistry

Caring for your health and wellness.

We, your Boise, Idaho, dentists, focus on more than just your smile. We care about the impact of dental health on your overall well-being. As the mouth is the gateway to your body, it has to be well cared for. And that is our duty to ensure and provide the necessary services for your utmost oral health in our dental clinic in Boise, ID.

Moreover, we provide insights, plans, and an array of solutions to your lingering worries. This is achieved and done by availing of any of our following quality services:

office comforts

“Dr. Taylor was so kind and gentle when he did my dental work. I’ve always had a little fear of dentists but he made me feel so comfortable that I wasn’t worried at all. I recommend him highly! “

Emma H. (Actual Patient)

Progressive & Comfortable

Dr. Minert and Dr. Taylor combine state-of-the-art technology with great service so your family can enjoy more comprehensive dentistry.

  • Digital Imaging

At Boise Dentistry Co, Learn more about us on the homepage we truly care for your health, which is why we offer digital imaging. This equipment allows us to take intra and extra-oral images of your mouth with less radiation than a conventional film. It also enables Dr. Minert and Dr. Taylor to see your progress throughout your entire treatment.

  • 3D Printer

We are committed to keeping you smiling with our modern and innovative 3D solutions. Through the use of this technology, our team can provide custom-made dental molds and appliances to fit your specific needs. Our 3D printer allows us to offer same-day services to improve your oral health efficiently.

  • CT Scanner

Our Cone Beam CT Scanner (CBCT) enables Dr. Minert and Dr. Taylor to view a 3D image of your entire mouth. This cutting-edge tool allows for more accurate oral assessments and helps in the process of dental implant planning and placement. We are here to provide you with a higher, more comprehensive standard of care!

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