dental implants

The teeth may be the only part of the body that cannot heal itself, but that does not mean that there is no way of restoring your smile and confidence when you have gaps in your teeth. There are a few options patients can choose from, such as dental bridges, crowns, dentures, and fixed bridges. But among these alternatives is a sought-after option for those who have missing teeth, which are dental implants in Boise, ID

To be qualified for dental implants, there are also things you have to take into consideration, as there might be some other remedies that can be better or far more suitable for your current situation. However, if you are curious or are wondering about the advantages of dental implants and why several patients opt for this restorative dentistry option, here is an epitomized list of why:


If you are seeking dental treatment that is undeniably the best alternative for your missing teeth, dental implants are the best option. Dental bridges can only last for about a decade, while implants last a lifetime. Its titanium composition is bio-compatible which means it is non-toxic and will not be rejected by your body. 

Aesthetic Appeal

Patients themselves cannot even tell the difference between whether dental implants are real or not. Their natural-looking appeal is one of the most recognized benefits, which makes them ideal for tooth replacements. 

Speech Improvement 

Some alternatives for missing teeth, such as dentures, can still impede or change the way you speak or articulate words properly. This option can also make you worry about slippage. This is also one reason why patients opt for dental implants instead. This efficient dental treatment enables you to speak naturally and worry less.

Prevention of Cavity and Bone Deterioration 

The gaps between your teeth can affect your surrounding teeth. That is why an immediate tooth replacement, such as dental implants in Boise, ID, is highly recommended. Not only does this promote cavities, but it also contributes to the deterioration of your jaw bone. If this is not remedied, you can expect continuous bone loss over the coming years, which will then affect your facial structures.

Anchors for Bridges

Another advantage of dental implants is their ability to serve as an anchor for bridges. Implants can provide a durable and sturdier foundation and support for your bridges. 

Prevention of Facial Sagging and Premature Aging

A constant loss of your teeth can lead to facial sagging and premature sagging, which affect your appearance. Continuous bone loss can be the cause of insecurities and low confidence, as it makes a third of your face collapse. This is another reason why your dental health service providers will recommend dental implants to restore your beauty and avoid premature aging.

Improved Confidence and Quality of Life

The resolved dental gaps between your teeth eventually result in improved confidence and quality of life. You do not have to worry about your nutrition intake, speech, or appearance. 

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