kids dental hygiene

Are you wondering how you can educate your child to practice proper dental hygiene? No worries! Boise Dentistry Co. is here to help and assist you. With our oral care services in Boise, ID, we assure you that we will not only do the honor of taking care of your child’s oral health but we will also strive to provide you with guides and tips on how to educate them to practice proper dental hygiene.

Educating Your Kids to Practice Proper Dental Hygiene

Here are some guides and tips we recommend to educate your child on how to practice proper dental hygiene.

1. Starting Early

As a parent, the best way to instill proper and effective dental hygiene in your children is by starting early. You should typically begin cleaning your child’s teeth as soon as they start erupting. Once your children get used to having their mouths cleaned from the start, it will be easier for them to brush their teeth every day.

Furthermore, by educating them to practice proper dental hygiene at an early age, they will find brushing their teeth more enjoyable and exciting.

2. Picking a Fun Toothbrush

You know that most children usually don’t enjoy brushing their teeth, but there is a way to make their tooth-brushing sessions a bit more fun. This is done by letting them choose a toothbrush that they like. Let them choose a toothbrush that captures their attention. For example, try looking for toothbrushes that feature characters from their favorite television shows or toothbrushes in their favorite color.

3. Letting them Engage in the Brushing Game

Sometimes, when young dental patients in Boise, ID, are hard to be convinced to brush their teeth, our dental care providers here at Boise Dentistry Co. will let them engage in the brushing game. The brushing game is a simple game that you can play with just a toothbrush and some water. What you have to do is put some water in a cup and ask your child to dip their toothbrush in.

After that, let them brush their teeth for 2 minutes, and once they’re done, give them the prize they deserve. This way, they will start to look forward to their next tooth-brushing session.

4. By Leading by Example

Another way to educate your kids to practice proper and effective dental hygiene is by setting an example to them. Since most children love to mimic the actions that people around them do, use this as a way to educate them. If your children often see you brushing your teeth, flossing, and taking care of them, they will most likely want to follow suit.

Additionally, make sure that they see how you are enjoying doing what you are doing to further convince them.

5. By Setting a Timer

Dental experts recommend brushing your teeth for a minimum of two minutes, but most children will feel like this takes an eternity. The best way to solve this is to play one of your child’s favorite songs while they do their tooth-brushing session. This way, they won’t be aware of how long they are doing the task, which will help time pass more quickly.

In Conclusion

These are only some of the guides and tips we can recommend to the parents of our young dental patients in Boise, ID, to get them to practice proper and effective dental hygiene. If you have more questions or inquiries on how to take care of your child’s dental health, please do not hesitate to call Boise Dentistry Co. at (208) 939-7053.